[BUG-2027] Perspective slow performance in Designer


The one thing that stands out with designing in Perspective is the slow performance. For example, there is a noticeable delay when opening Views and selecting components. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it just my VM? I’ve given it 8GB RAM (of 16 total) and 3 cores (of 8 total).

I am also having same issue, when there are lots of embedded views in one view.

Another, some time view open empty. In that case we have to close and reopen it.

In most of my cases, I don’t even have embedded Views and as you can see, not many components at all. It’s really just a demo project we’re trying out so it’s fairly basic…

The snippet below is a normal day for me when designing in Perspective. With most clicks there is a noticeable 1-2s delay. It’s quite frustrating to develop in, especially compared to Vision. Note the multiple attempts just to select all of the objects - in the end I had to click and hold, wait a few seconds, then drag to get the drag to start from where (or roughly where) I first clicked.

Note: this is running the Designer directly on the server from within an RDP session. I get the same performance when I start the Designer from my local laptop as well when on the same local network as the server.

@cmallonee @Pgriffith Do you know if this is normal behaviour and if so, if any improvements are likely/possible in the future?
If not, is there anything I can do to improve performance?

Another one:

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This is still 8.0.15?

Perspective’s performance is actively ‘under the knife’, so to speak - there’s some significant improvements in 8.1.0 so far, and definitely more planned for the future.

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Those screen caps were actually in 8.1rc1. It’s certainly not always as bad as the second video and last night it was pretty good, still not Vision-good though.

There are things that could be improved like:

  • when copy/pasting components (into coord container) the pasted component isn’t automatically selected (well it is briefly but then it quickly jumps to selecting the coord container itself)
  • still getting used to the fact that if you have a component selected and you try to click and drag another component, the original selected component moves. You have to click to select then click and drag to move. For me it’s both good and bad, on the one hand, it means I don’t have to worry about inadvertently selecting another component while trying to move the selected. On the other hand, it takes slightly longer if I do want to move another component. It would be nicer imo if the component lock was under a key, for example holding Alt while you click and drag would mean “move the currently selected object”, and Alt+clicking on another object wouldn’t change the selection.
  • Ctrl click and drag doesn’t copy a component
  • align and normalise doesn’t normalise
  • Ctrl+A doesn’t select all

Hey Nick, we hear you. We found some decent performance issues that we missed in the first RC. The upcoming RC should be much better than the first. Thanks for report, and thanks for your patience. We are making serious strides to improve performance and dependability, now and in the near future.

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  • when copy/pasting components (into coord container) the pasted component isn’t automatically selected (well it is briefly but then it quickly jumps to selecting the coord container itself)

I believe we have a ticket for this in queue, but I’ll bump it’s priority. I agree, it’s annoying.

  • still getting used to the fact that if you have a component selected and you try to click and drag another component, the original selected component moves

That’s a great idea. We’ll see what we can do to fix this.

  • Ctrl click and drag doesn’t copy a component

Can you confirm this, because it works for me.

  • align and normalise doesn’t normalise’

Fix has already been merged, so you’ll have it soon. Sorry about that.

Sorry to get back to you so late, but this does work, just not as expected (and indeed not in line with other applications, including Vision)
Normally, Ctrl and click/drag have two functions depending on the order in which you do your operations:

  1. Ctrl then click and drag = drag new selection to add to the existing selection (this function doesn’t appear to exist at all in Perspective)
  2. Click and drag, then Ctrl = copy selected and dragged object

In Perspective however, the only operation available is (2) but it uses the order of buttons in (1), i.e. Ctrl then click and drag will copy the object.

Really hanging out for these performance improvements… It’s crazy going from Perspective and then to Vision which is super fast. At the moment, I literally am waiting 6s (?!?) each time I click on components to before I can do anything with them :frowning:

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Im also experiencing the same issue, its a nightmare. I have an i7 and 16 gb of RAM but is still to laggy and I have to close designer and reopen it every half and hour or so. I was excited with perspective and its potential but I am really starting to regret being halfway trough inductive univeristy.

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Bumping this back to the top. Any ideas when performance will be improved in the developer? This was highlighted as an issue and acknowledged by Inductive several releases and months ago and it is still an issue (currently using 8.1.7 - b2021060314)
The lag experienced while developing even simple views in Perspective makes this IDE painful to use and is slowing our progress on our SCADA project considerably.
I am also getting the blank view issue indicated by dhanajay above.

It is great that Inductive wants to push new features and functionality out, and in general I think Perspective is a great improvement over Vision in terms of flexibility, but please make sure these are stable and functional before moving on from release candidates to production releases. Your customers also have deadlines they need to meet.


What are you server specs and how much resources are allocated to Ignition?

This is a development server exclusively for this project, so very lightly loaded.
The project has not been deployed and I am the only developer online at the moment:

I would recommend increasing the memory Ignition uses. The ignition.conf file is located in the installation dir/data. I find 2GB to low when I’m developing perspective applications.

I hear you @mschell1978. We’re on 8.1.5 now and I was working on a View just yesterday and it was painfully slow - literally seconds between clicking components on the View before properties loaded, clicking and dragging to select components had a huge delay where the click only registers a few seconds after the fact, etc… As you said, Perspective features and flexibility are a big jump from Vision, but at a big hit to performance. For customers with heavy use of P&ID mimic screens I’m still not sure what to recommend going with. Vision is clearly what I should recommend for performance, but Perspective is in active development and will eventually replace Vision. To be honest though, I don’t know if it will ever have the performance of Vision :confused:

IA has committed to support Vision for many years. If there’s some thing (graphics/performance/local resources/whatever) you need that works in Vision today, with the corresponding item in Perspective not yet in a nightly, I think you’re crazy to not deploy in Vision.


What about for those customers who want a 15-20 year lifetime? (with supported upgrades)

@nminchin I just saw this thread. Originally we were told that vision was faster than perspective and I assumed it was on the client side. Recently I reproduced one of our larger views in perspective and I didn’t see much difference on the client view, but the designer performance was horrific compared to vision. We are using 8.1.5 in the case I speak of. A few main issues:

  • Align component edges almost works but leaves some edges not aligned
  • Whenever you copy and paste a component it puts it perfectly on the source component, not where your mouse tip is like in vision
  • When copy/pasting multiple components and then adjusting their position all at once, you do something and the movement happens many seconds later.

However one of my main complaints about vision is that it does not support seamless SSO flow like perspective does and I really dislike being directed to a website and then back into the application.


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Perspective might reach feature parity by then…

{ Not entirely sarcastic. }