[BUG-215] Unable to freeze columns on Perspective table

Currently I’m trying to freeze a column on a table so that the user has constant access to it. In the documentation, there does not seem a way to set that automatically, and the method described for the users does not have any effect. Is there a workaround?

For reference, the user method is “If the table head property is enabled, a user can freeze a column by holding down Alt and double clicking the column header. This action “freezes” the column within the bounds of the table so that the user may scroll to perform data comparisons. To unfreeze a column, hold down Alt and double click on the column header of the frozen column or of the source column. A frozen column can be dragged horizontally within the bounds of the table by selecting and dragging with the mouse. It is possible to freeze as many columns as a user may like. The user is not confined to freezing columns that are only visible when at scroll start position.” I am interpreting table head property as enableHeader.


Are there any news on this missing feature? I run into the same issue and didn’t find a way to freeze a column in version 8.0.16. It is still in the documentation but it seems like there is no way to use it.

We do still plan on allowing Tables to “freeze” content, but the ticket has not been started yet. There have been some changes to the Table component since it was released, and we have two other tables which are essentially built off of the same code, so we need to be careful in how we apply this so as to not break other areas in unexpected ways. The ticket also cals out that input from the Design team is required, so development can’t start until the Design work is done. Since it hasn’t been started, there is no ETA.

That’s a pity. Can you attach a note in the manual that the feature does not work? It took me almost an hour to look for a configuration mistake on my side :expressionless:

Is there any news about this topic?

No change - the ticket is still queued for development.

Any updates on this feature?

No change in state. There are multiple customer inquiries noted on the issue, but it’s not even gone through the Design phase yet.

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