[BUG-2280] Multiple components broken in column flex container

Using version 8.1.5. Not sure if the same behavior is in earlier versions.

Certain components only seem to work in column flex containers when alignItems property is set to stretch, as shown below:


When using any other alignItems property (e.g. center), the components become 0-width, which is presumably a bug.

I didn’t test every component (far from it) - but i did find that the following are affected:

  • Moving analog indicator
  • Cylindrical Tank
  • Thermometer
  • Progress Bar
  • Map

Row flex containers seem to behave normally, except for the map. Map seems to be broken whenever it’s not stretched, regardless of orientation.

It appears this has occurred in earlier versions of 8.1 and we have an existing ticket to handle this. I’ll link this post to it so that you can be updated when it gets fixed.

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This was marked as “Solved”, but I only see that it was being “worked on”. As of 8.1.7, I am seeing similar behavior in both Flex Row and Column containers, where any alignItems value other than “Stretch” causes a height of 0. I don’t see the promised link, so I don’t know if this was really solved, or if the OP was premature in marking it “Solved”. If it was solved, then it is broken again.

The link was an internal link within IA which allows them to know which posts to update when the fix has been applied to a nightly. You can tell that it has been linked as the Title shows the internal ticket number. [BUG-2280].

It is possible that the bug has been resolved in a newer version and this post has not been updated, but the IA team is pretty good at updating a thread when a ticket has been closed.

This issue has not been fixed. Discourse won’t tell me who marked the topic as solved, but I’m assuming it was the OP.

Correct, I marked it solved in the sense that my post was about a bug, and QA confirmed it was being addressed