[BUG 2295] The translation invalidated the Acknowledge button

When I translate the State String, the Acknowledge button don’t work.
ignition 8.1.4 on windows.

I just tried this on 8.1.5 and couldn’t replicate the issue. I suspect there’s something else going on here – you might want to contact support so they can help you out.

[edit] I just realized you’re in Perspective. I was able to replicate this and I’ll make a ticket. :flushed:

I Created a button, with script


But here is another problem. Some alarm can’t be acknowledged. And their eventid doesn’t exist in Alarm.db.

In order to solve it, I tried :

disable the Use Store and Forward,stop ignition server, delete alarm_**** file in data folder , clear Alarm.db, then start ignition server .

And some new alarm appeared, which can’t be acknowledged.

To alleviate the problem, I just delete the tag’s alarm configuration.

Maybe I missed something, could you help me to find out what happened?

It looks like there’s a support ticket open for this – they can help you figure it out.