[BUG-2389] Filter table... translating

I have a problem with translation.

This is my test view:

any idea how to solve this?


It would be nice to be able to change the placeholder like on the dropdown component.

Hey Marek,

This is a known issue that we have a ticket for. As it stands there isn't a way around this, but I've added this post to our ticket to give it more attention/priority. I've also updated the title to refer to our internal issues tracker to make it easier to find. In the future when a fix comes out, our nightly changes forum post will reference the same number.


I can confirm, having a page in italian and the "Filter table..." of a table which cannot be changed is a problem also for me.


can I also point out the pager element of the table which cannot be translated?



The translation of "rows" works.

Just checked now, "rows", "first" and "last" can be translated, "filter table..." I am not able to translate it even though I tried all variations of casing, with and without final dots etc. etc.

any progress about this ticket ?
Table component is widely used and this translation would be much appreciate !

I can't give a direct update beyond saying this is still on our radar and we're continuing to note interest in this issue to judge priority.

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Any progress about this issue ? Very annoying.
Seems to be easy to fix ?