[BUG-2427] System.tag.configure - collisionPolicy=merge - override only a single alarm property (example: priority)

Ignition 8.1.5

I try to use system.tag.configure in order to override only alarms priority in some instances of udt.
When I use the merge mode (with system.tag.configure or with the tag browser import feature) with something like:

  "name": "test",
  "typeId": "SPN/VID/DET2",
  "tagType": "UdtInstance",
  "tags": [
      "name": "TM",
      "tagType": "Folder",
      "tags": [
          "name": "NB_DETECT_07",
          "tagType": "AtomicTag",		  
		 "alarms": [
			  "name": "detection",
              "priority": "Diagnostic"

the priority is changed in the instance but all other alarms settings are reset to a default value.
I expected the alarm’s not provided property will use the udt definition alarms property.

  • m - merge, modifying values that are specified in the definition, without impacting values that aren’t defined in the definition. Use this when you want to apply a slight change to Tags, without having to build a complete configuration object.

It seems that the alarm property is considered as a single property…:frowning:

Did I miss something or it is the intentioned behavior ?

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This doesn’t seem correct to me either. It looks like it is going to be an issue when the alarm is not already overridden. I’m going to do a little more testing today and will log a new ticket. Thank you for the report.