[BUG-2509]Easy Chart Maximize Slider/Range Selector

I’m looking to have the easy chart maximized when opening the window. However, I’ve noticed that the slider or range selector is not visible. If I select Realtime or Historical then maximize, the range selector goes away, but will display for the other chart mode if I select it while maximized. And this is only happens sometimes (50%?).

Is this a bug, or is this a functionality that I don’t understand reasoning for?

This seems to be a bug (still an issue in 7.9.6). The plot maximized property doesn’t accurately reflect the state of the chart. If you set it to true in designer it doesn’t generally load that way. There is a method to toggle the maximized state, but the property seems to get confused until you toggle it in runtime.

Not fixed yet, right?

We’re still on 7.9.14 and I just ran a test (sorry, my delayed response goes to show how often I check my IA account). It looks like it’s still an issue. The maximized property does not accurately update when changing between chart modes. It’s a nuisance, but not a big deal at all for us. Maybe it’s different in version 8.