[BUG-2624] Dismissing Modal Dock Bug

I think I found a bug that causes the first dock configured in the Page Configuration to open unintentionally after any other modal dock is dismissed.

Here are the steps to replicate:

  1. Create project with main page and two docked views.

  2. Set docks to onDemand and Modal. The docks in my screenshot are identical other than the name, but only the second dock needs to be modal for this bug.

  3. Main page has buttons to open each dock.

  4. Each dock view has a button that closes the dock.

Video of bug:

In the video, you can see using the dismiss button works fine on both docks. Also, clicking away from Dock1 works fine to dismiss it (because it is modal). But if you try clicking away from Dock2, it will immediately open Dock1, which you then have to dismiss.

It seems to be related to the order of the docks in the Page Configuration. If you add more docks (i.e. Dock3, Dock4), they will always open Dock1 after they are dismissed.

This was tested in 8.1.22.

Hello rberghammer,

We do currently have an internal bug ticket for this issue. I'll link this post to the ticket so we can update you when it is fixed.

Great, thanks!