[BUG-2715] searchable Dropdown stays focussed after selecting other dropdowns/textfield

In perspective, When i select a couple of dropdowns in a row and then go to a text field and type something, the text gets typed in the searchable dropdowns. Showing off some really odd behavior.

i type in ‘df’ (some random chars) in the begining when just opening the page and it works as intended, but after selecting a bunch of dropdown and typing in it again this happends…

its just a bunch of dropdown with options, no bindings, scripts or anything else used for this demo, but it also happended when there are bindings and stuff.

It also seems to happen just selecting a bunch of dropdown, even without the textfield

version: 8.1.9 (b2021080617)

@victordcq I am also facing the same issue…is it resolved for you?

I do not seem to have it in 8.1.12 tho i do not have the exact setup anymore

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ok. Thanks for your reply

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I upgraded the version but then too Faced the same issue on dropdown except for the local server…
@victordcq @cmallonee @JordanCClark is there any solution for this? plz help

What do you mean? it works on one gateway but not the other? try restarting it then i guess

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Thanks alot …Dropdown issue has been ressolved

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