[Bug-2722] Perspective App Login Banner Overlap

The ‘non-commercial use’ banner overlaps the ‘Exit Login’ button preventing it from working in Maker (not a massive issue as the close button appears at the top of the app anyway).

This was seen on v8.1.5, app v0.98.0-72, on an android device.

Yep, that’s wrong. I’ve opened an internal issue to get it fixed.

Thanks @cmallonee, I assume this is the correct place to flag Maker bugs? I didn’t want to spam the support team if their remit is only for commercial support :sweat_smile:

This is a pretty safe place to post bugs you find (although the forums are only sporadically monitored because the devs/QA which do post in here have actual Dev/QA tasks that they should be doing). Support should primarily be contacted for issues which have impacted your Gateway or environment or which require in-depth troubleshooting.


The tone of this made me chuckle :laughing: I just imagine you walking through the IA offices wrapping the knuckles of distracted employees.