[Bug 2735] Designer sometimes launches with only 256MB memory

Launcher v1.1.7

I’ve noticed this problem on a few instances. If I leave my Designer Launcher open for long periods of time (days), any designer launched will have a max of 256MB memory, rather than whatever is specified in the gateway settings. If I restart the Launcher, the projects will open with the correct memory.

If it matters, the launcher will usually remain open through numerous sleep modes, laptop dock connections, monitor connections, etc.

I have noticed that the designer has been opening with the incorrect amount of memory a lot recently as well. It is 256 mbs of ram quite a bit even when I set the gateway to use 2 gbs.

Old shortcut with a command line override?

I use the Designer launcher to launch it. Looking at my settings on it, the Init Heap and Max Heap settings are greyed out with the defaults in it.

This is a known issue and its on the backlog to be fixed. looks like in some situations the properties become stale and do not update correctly. a close and re-open of the launcher should resolve it until this is fixed on our end.

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

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