[BUG-2757] Border/Outline styles don't seem to animate

I’m trying to create a style to be used for alarming in perspective, but I can’t get the animation to toggle the border. I realized that the animation window doesn’t have options for border/outline types.

If I edit the json for the style to add this item the border will display. I haven’t gotten the animation to fully work yet, but I am a step closer.


Missing border style and outline style options. Looks like a bug to me.


Yeah, if I add them in the JSON it appears to work ( I didn’t assign them in both the 0% and 100% the first time). There just isn’t an option to select them in the GUI

Exactly, correct. -Yousuf

@ynejati Using version 8.1.5 and still see that the Border style and Outline style configurations are missing from Style GUI when “animated” is enabled.



Yep, we haven’t fixed this yet. Good reminder. Priority bumped. Thanks!

FYI, this still seems to be an issue in 8.1.12.