[BUG-2986] Minor frustration with case insensitive renaming

(This is in a fresh install of 8.1.15 that I just made today for testing purposes, running under Ubuntu)

So I created a tag variable in a project called MyPLC (as an instance of a UDT that uses the instance name to identify the OPC UA connection to talk to). Because the actual connector was called MYPLC, my fancy system failed as it was looking for a connector called MyPLC. (D’oh seems like the OPC UA connector names are case sensitive - not sure what I feel about that)

OK, so I right-click on the tag name and select rename, and change the y to a Y. Except I can’t do that. The name is stuck as MyPLC. I have to rename it to MYPLCxx and then to back to MYPLC.

This I do have a strong feeling about. The OPC UA connector name IS case sensitive (and probably a bunch of other things as well), but the rename tool in the project IS NOT case sensitive and considers MyPLC and MYPLC to be equivelant. IMHO this difference in approach to cases sensitivity is very very annoying. Choose one style or another. Don’t mix them up.


Download the JSON, Find/Replace, Save and Upload. (VSCode can be configured to case-sensitive).

Anyways, this seems like a bug. A record of your experience might me useful to actually prove it.

This is a bug that we are aware of and, so far, have only had people internally reporting an issue with. This has caused it to languish for a big. I have noted this forum post on the ticket for prioritization which will hopefully get more eyes on it.

While the rename function from the Tag Browser won’t let you make the change, opening up the tag in the Tag Editor and making the change will. I know it is frustrating to have to do those extra steps, but that is the current work around.



Yeah, I’ve noticed this too and it’s annoying… but didn’t annoy me quite enough to file a bug report :man_shrugging: Thanks @peter!

@witman This is what happens when you have time on your hands and don’t have a work deadline you have to meet. :smiley:

@ggross I’d argue that if you know about it internally, that there is already a bunch of people that are suffering from it. But because it is more of annoyance/quirk it doesn’t get reported like a show-stopper bug would. But this sort of bug does grind you down little by little.

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