[BUG-3134] 8.1.7 Perspective URL Illegal Character - Tag Provider Brackets

It appears update 8.1.7 had some perspective URL changes. This seems to have broken logging in with an IdP when brackets are included in the target path. Is this a known issue?

My targets have been converted using the urllib.quote_plus() function but the page.props.path parameter contains brackets instead of the ascii code %5B and %5D.

If I replace the brackets with %5B and %5D in the URL the login works fine.

Yes, we did make some changes in 8.1.7 to how Perspective page URLs are handled when logging into or logging out of a Perspective session. This change would cause a regression with the case you have mentioned with square brackets. This particular case that you have mentioned was not previously known and I have logged a ticket for this to get it fixed. Thanks for reporting it.

The only workaround I can think of right now is to either avoid the square brackets or URL-encode them so that they are not applied to the current navigation URL.

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Is there an estimated release for this bug fix?

At this point, it looks like 8.1.11 is a good possibility