[Bug-318]Unable to place other components on top of Map component

I have a map component in a coordinate container in a perspective view. No matter what I try, I am not able to place any button components on top of the map component. The button is always shown behind the map.

I have tried both moving the button to the front, as well as moving the map to the back, but nothing seems to work.

Is there a reason that this is happening? or is there a way to get around this?



Hi Areid,

I don’t have this problem using Ignition 8.0.12, what version of ignition are you using?

All controls worked for me, Send to Back, Move Backward, Move Forward and Bring to Front on both components without any trouble.

Did you try deleting both components and replacing them with new ones?

This was working as of 8.0.14 (and apparently at least in 8.0.12), but is a regression introduced as part of 8.0.15. I’ve opened an internal ticket to address the issue.

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I have the same problem in Maker Edition 8.1.0

This issue was resolved as part of 8.1.1.

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