[BUG-3221] v8.1.5 Changing the Disabled state of a UDT instance doesn't change the quality of the tags until a Restart


When I disable or enable a UDT instance (in my case a nested UDT instance within another UDT), the tags within the instance keep reading values if it was previously enabled, and display as Bad_Disabled if it was previously disabled. I need to manually use the Refresh action on the UDT instance for it to actually apply the change.

As I’m developing UDTs from scratch, I quite often need to manually refresh tags for changes to propagate. Is this not normal?

Nope, not normal at all! They should just work

This seems to be related specifically to nested UDT instances and still reproduces with the latest nightly at time of writing. I’ll make up a ticket for it… Thanks, @nminchin

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