[Bug-330]Perspective: Icon stroke applies to boundaries as well as shape

After Ignition update to 8.0.15 icon’s shape strokes work strange…

it looks like that:

but it should look that way:

I tried to set border property to 0px, but it still looks as on the first picture.
How should I fix it?

Thanx in Advance!

I’m not seeing what you’re seeing on my environment,
Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 5.29.11AM
so I’ll need some more info about the setup:

Have you applied any Style settings to the Map? Have you applied any additional props.layers.ui properties aside from marker? It sort of looks like you also specified a view layer at the same location. Could yo supply a screenshot of the layers portion of your Map?


configured Style Class:

Oh, interesting. I’ve opened an internal ticket to investigate the cause. It’s not the border setting, it is indeed the stroke property causing the issue. It looks like there is a separate issue where inline properties are not applied to marker layers (which is why I wasn’t seeing the behavior), so I’ll open a ticket for that as well.

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@cmallonee I just upgraded to 8.0.16 and am seeing this on icons elsewhere in our project (that have a stroke property applied to them).

Is there anything we can do in the interim to stop this from happening?

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