[BUG-3513] Gauge at Max When Value at 0

I have a gauge in an embedded view. When the value is 0, sometimes it shows max.

Does anyone know what could cause this to happen?

In the video below, they were displaying correctly. Then I refreshed the page, and they went back to max. It's confusing the operator that runs that machine.

Hi Stephen_Clark,
Could you please elaborate more on the set up of the gauge component or your view? How is the data being provided to the Gauge? What is the Ignition version that you are using? Are you only seeing the issue on this session or you could replicate this in the Designer or other sessions?

Hi Emma,

Thanks for reaching out!

A single param is passed to the embedded view. It's just an integer named Wheel_Number.

Wheel_Number is used in the gauges value binding to set the indirect address:

In the screenshots, you can see how everything is set up from the Project Browser, component properties, and the binding itself.

We do have an open bug ticket for this behavior. Until it's fixed, if you disable the animate property on the gauge, the issue should no longer occur.

I'll also get this thread added to the internal ticket.


Got it. The animation is pretty, but I guess it's not necessary.