[Bug-3513] Gauge Object Reads Incorrect on Load

Hi all,

Another strange one!
I have a 'gauge' object configured within a view.
This view I am then using as a widget in a dashboard.

I have noticed that when the webpage page loads, the gauge goes to the correct value, then jumps and stays at full until the tag its assigned to changes. There are 10 of these widges on one page to make a dashboard - And its seemily random which ones do this on each refresh!

So, to rule things out, I have removed the binding - The gauge has a value of 150 static.
Sure enough, on load, starts at 150, then jumps off to full scale. I am baffled....


At the bottom you can see the 150 in a label which is bound to the value - So it should be reading 150!

Noted - Same thing happens if its called in a flex repeater

Any ideas? :smiley:


Follow up to my own question...

Unticking 'Animate' seems to remove the fault.
Can anyone else confirm this problem before I flag as an error? :slight_smile:

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This is a known issue that we currently have an open bug ticket for. I'll get this forum thread added to the ticket and try to update the thread once it's fixed.

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