[Bug-3513] Perspective Gauge Needle Resets to 0 Angle

Version is 8.1.14

I setup gauges in a perspective view and when the page initially loads sometimes the gauges stutter and then the needle is set to the 0 angle position.

It is much easier to reproduce with multiple gauges and animation turned on. However, I have other developers who claim they have reproduced it without animation. Other than turning animation on the default properties were used.

It seems to be an issue with the initial load time because it will always be the components lowest in the tree with the issue (See image).

Tested in both Firefox and Chrome.

All of the gauges pictured have a value of 0.


Hello Luke,
This is a known issue with the animation property enabled. I’ll add this post to the internal ticket.

You said you were able to reproduce the issue with the animation disabled? While testing, I have seen the needle stutter to the 0 angle position but it will quickly correct itself to the 180 angle. Is it the same for you?

I have not been able to reproduce it myself on a fresh project without animation. I have seen it go to 0 and correct itself like you described. It is possible that is what the others were seeing as well.

Thank you

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Thanks for the confirmation. As mentioned, I’ve bumped the internal ticket.

Hey plo,

Just to follow up, is this still being worked on? If so is there a target version for this fix?

Thank you

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Hi @plo, our team just ran into this bug as well. Disabling the animation on the gauge does seem to circumvent the issue for now, but we'd much rather have it turned on as it provides a nice visual effect. Unfortunately enabling animation with this bug still present is not an option.

Is there a publicly tracked bug for this issue as well?

Hey Frosty!
This forum post would act as the public page to track the bug for this issue. As of this time, there are no updates yet. I'll go ahead and bump the bug again and add your name.

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Update to the thread. The reported Gauge Needle bug was recently marked as closed and currently planned to be released with 8.1.33 (which should be soon at the time of this post). If you wish to receive the fix, please upgrade that that time

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