[BUG-3514] RAM usage never goes down, always rising when switching projects

Hello I noticed, designer eats more and more ram everytime I jump from project to project in Designer until the whole system starts lagging and I have to kill the process. Any tips how to fix it ?
Version - 8.1.9

Interesting, i also see this in 8.1.13. I had to open and reopen many times to get close to 2,048mb, but it stayed there. Maybe @Kevin.Herron can shed some light?

Call support, let them take a look. They may want a backup to see if it’s something about your projects specifically that cause it.

I did my test cycling between two new projects, zero work had been done in them.

I contacted support, turns out this is a known bug.

Huh, so it is…

Not sure why I wasn’t able to find that in my initial search.