[bug-3835] Vision web browser does not save local storage?


Ive build some custom modules that use the localstorage of the browser. They all work fine in chrome and the perspective designer.
But now i tried to use them in perspective workstation and vision web browser. But its not working as expected :frowning: .
Only on startup things get saved, but in runtime the localstorage doesnt get updated, nor does it ever seem to use it.

Anyone an idea if its just a setting somewhere that could be turned on or is it just not possible?
the vision web browser i kinda expected, but that the workstation app doesnt work is kinda strange.

LocalStorage is supposed to be enabled by default in JxBrowser, and we’re not specifically disabling it anywhere…
I’ll make a ticket to investigate.


Thanks !
i will investigate a bit further myself too and post if i find something that seems interesting


Seems its working on perspective workstation but the localstorage doesnt get saved in vision after relaunching the app.

Ive added some textfields that read the localstorage and its there during runtime in both apps (and browser).
But after restarting the vision app its all empty again. In perspective it persists tho. So its just vision that is doing weird

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