[BUG 3844] Power Chart always shows Settings in menu

There is a small bug, but critical for security of disclosing full tag paths to end users. The tag path exposes internal history and real-time tag provider names which allows users to enter/guess and gain access to data they shouldn’t. The Power Chart has a property called config.visibility.buttons.showSettingsButton. If this is false, it works correctly when viewing the Power Chart in large mode (desktop or non-mobile). But, when viewing in mobile, there is no Settings gear button whether true or false, but instead, a Settings menu option under the More button is exposed and unable to hide. A quick solution would be to have the mobile mode mimic the desktop mode (show/hide a gear button for settings and remove the Settings menu option from the More button). A more permanent solution would be to utilize the config.tagBroswerStartPath and concatenate with a pen’s tag data source property to create the full tag path…thus allowing the user to still have access to other Settings like changing axis, plots, pen colors…etc. without disclosing the full path.

Desktop mode - Settings Button visible, More Button options only includes Export and Print

Desktop mode - Settings Button not visible, More Button options only includes Export and Print

Mobile mode - Settings gear button is NEVER visible. More Button options ALWAYS includes Settings…which defeats the purpose of disabling the showSettingsButton option.

Thanks for reporting. I’ve opened a ticket and put the tracking number in the title.

Is there a way to actually track this bug and see its status?

Not externally, no. It’s more of an “internal to IA” way to add meta info and increase searchability between disparate tools.

thank you. If theres anyway to bump this I’d appreciate it

No prob; I just bumped the ticket.

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