[Bug-3866] v8.1.9: Copying objects to another view cause designer crash and freeze forever

Simple copying object from a view to another view causes the designer to freeze forever and I have to close the designer from the task manager.
Tested in Ignition:


Can you try using Jstack to get a thread dump while in this state?
I made a ‘bad’ test window with several hundred (deeply nested) coordinate containers, and while performance was pretty terrible, it didn’t take more than a few seconds for the paste to complete.

I don’t know how to do that.
Can you explain a little bit on how to do that?
Or I can export view to you so you can test on your side.

Posting/DMing the view would probably be easiest :slight_smile:
To use JStack you’ll need to have a JDK11+ install on your system; the Ignition runtime isn’t a full JDK.

ive had this happen to, it might be that it was pasted from a flex container to a coordinate(in either percent or fixed mode) or from percent to fixed container?

No, both are coordinate container.

both using fixed mode for locations?

Yes both use fixed mode. I just want to combine several diagram into one bigger page.
Now only possible way for me is to import the as embedded views. :frowning:

copy it in smaller chunks?

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Thanks for the report; I was able to replicate with your provided view.
From what I can tell, the Java side of things is ‘blocked’ on the event dispatch thread waiting for some ‘frontend’ code in the design session to return a result. My guess is there’s something in that frontend code that’s not scaling well to the number of components you’re trying to copy at a time.

As ever, for a workaround you could probably copy the JSON structure directly (or even Shift + Right Click → Copy/Paste JSON) to copy the elements from one view to another.

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Thanks, please update me when fix come out.