[BUG-4397] Upside down Tanks - iOS


Looking to see if the community has dealt with this. After a recent gateway update, only on iOS do our tank levels appear upside down until the next tag change.

Users on Desktop and Android do not experience this, it’s specific to iOS.

Upside down:

Good after next tag value update:

Method of the design:
The tank resides in a Coordinate Container. There are individual tank icons, one for top level and interface. They are layered so that interface is always in front of top level.
It’s a simple container that we have used for a while now.

I’m looking to see if others have came across this and see what you’ve done to remedy it.

Thank you,

Will Baker

I had this same issue yesterday after an upgrade to 8.1.11. We were using Perspective Workstation, not the mobile app. Didn’t notice it when connecting via browser.

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Bumping this to see if anyone from IA can confirm this bug is on their radar. I’ve upgraded a few systems recently and they all have this issue on iOS.

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It’s on our radar now. I’m not aware of any intended changes to how tanks are rendered. I’ve made our perspective folks aware this forum thread, will follow up with them (and this thread) tomorrow.

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Hi PerryAJ, thank you! I have a support ticket from a while back that may include more details.

Ticket: 25830
Status: Open

As expected, I can confirm this is unintended issue hitting iOs/Safari users. I updated the thread title to reflect the ticket we’re using internally to track and fix the issue. Will follow up once a fix is in the nightly builds.

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