[BUG-4446] Custom properties and bindings get disappeared even after saving the project

Hello Community,
I have shared a screenshot of the Ignition perspective view on which I am facing the problem. I have created a perspective view with the name GEN_CAT and added labels.
These are the following steps that I am trying to do with the label component:

  1. Creating a custom property with the name “Val”.
  2. Linking the custom property to the text property of the label component.
  3. Linking the “Val” custom property to a UDT definition.

Every time when I save the project and close it and then reopen the project again the bindings got disappeared along with the custom property that I have created.

“When I create a custom property in the view itself and do the bindings then the problem does not occur.”

The issue appears only when I create a custom property in the component.

What would be the reason and solution for this?


Are you using any VCS with this project, like git or similar? A good way to check saves is to look at the project’s local files to see after saving if the view.json file has updated to include those custom properties.

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Insure that after creating the custom property it has the “Persistent” property checked true.


Thanks a lot. “Persistent” property was unchecked. After enabling it, the issue got resolved.