[BUG 4576] Can't delete Back tick or left quote in text field

In Perspective, if you type a back quote (back tick or left quote…the symbol under the “tilde”) in a text field by accident at runtime, you can’t delete it. Tested on Ignition 8.1.9.

Hm, I am able to delete it, but it definitely also acts ‘weird’… Might be something to do with how we encode values back and forth to the gateway. I’ll file a ticket to investigate.

Yeap, the cursor acts like the character is invisible. I was trying to hit Delete but I was after the character. Backspace removed it. Thanks. This is my miniscule contribution to bug fixing.

I feel like I recently had a discussion about this and we determined the backtick is used as an accent, and so text fields allow for placing the “accent” and then the character you’re trying to accent. It’s an idiosyncrasy of text fields and how they implemented this that the character appears to the right of the cursor.
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.42.30 AM
Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.42.35 AM

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You mean a dead key without hitting the dead key shifter? Accent grave is useful, but accent ague is even more useful. Why not do this with the normal single quote?

{ Yeah, rhetorical… }

After diagnosing this behavior, it appears that the culprit is the Noto Sans font that we use as a base for all components. It seems like the font tries to keep those accent characters inline with the next character typed to show the accent over the top of the character. As of this date, the latest version of those fronts from the github repo still exhibit the same behavior.

The best workaround at the moment would be to switch fonts (either per component or at the theme-level) to get around this behavior.