[Bug-5344] onClick event doesn't work on perspective tree component


In Ignition 8.1.12 the onClick event of the perspective tree component was never triggered.
As the onItemClick event doesn’t support ctrl key press detection I need to use this one.

I just checked the onClick Event for the Tree component and it’s working as expected in 8.1.12. Can you give some more insight into what you’re doing with it and how it isn’t working?

Regarding this, wouldn’t be cool to create a prop for multiple selection in this component. Without the usage or “Ctrl”.
I did have to warn the customer that they will only be able to do multiple selection in a device with keyboard.

onClick only works if you hit a location in the component that is not an item. :sweat:

Oh, I see - and so the expectation is that the onClick Event fires even when clicking an item? Let me speak with Dev and we’ll see about working this out.

UPDATE: We’ve identified the cause, and it’s definitely not the intent to prevent the onClick Event from firing if an item is clicked. We’ve opened an internal ticket to address this.


Will it be include in 8.1.13 final?

No; I would not expect it anytime soon.