[Bug-5356]Perspective Table Vertical Scroll Shrinks Last Column

Hi, I am on Ignition 8.1.14 Perspective and have been working with table subviews. I noticed that there is some odd behavior related to the vertical scroll. To reproduce:

  1. Place a table component.
  2. Reduce the number of rows in the table component so they do not vertically fill the table (ie no vertical scroll bar).
  3. Add a large subview to the table, such that when the subview expands the table’s vertical scroll is triggered.
  4. Preview or open the table window. Extend and contract the subview repeatedly.

What’s happening for me is the vertical scroll takes up part of the width of the final column in the table. When the scroll is removed, the final column does not resize. Doing this multiple times shrinks the final column by the width of the scroll bar each time. I’ve observed this a couple of different ways, with and without using subviews - the key seems to be that the vertical scroll is added and removed from the table. In the console, I get the error: “ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded”.

My current workaround is to add a column of width 0 to the end of the table. Is this behavior expected?


What you described looks like the same issue demonstrated here. We currently have an internal ticket for this issue.