[BUG-5382] Remote Pipelines are not working when Edge is in trial mode

Hi everyone. I am working on Ignition Edge and I want to use Alarm Notification Pipeline from Main Gateway for remote Edge tags. I choose the Alarm Remote notification from Edge, but it fails. In Logs it said: {Name of the main Gateway} Edge Sync plugin is not installed. Remote alarm pipelines are not available. Anyone have this problem with Edge before? Thank you in advance.

It sounds like you don't have the Edge Sync Services plugin on your license. This is the plugin that enables remote alarm notification profiles.

Thank you for reply. I have Edge Sync Service plugin on my Edge Gateway as trial. Do I need to have it for main Gateway too?

Do you have the edge gateway licensed at all? Also, what version?

The main gateway should just need the Alarm Notification Module.

It is 8.1.24. It is a trial license.

By trial license do you mean a temporary license from sales? Did you have to enter a license key on the gateway?

I believe if you have a license key applied that doesn't have the plugin then the trial version of the plugin will not work.

The Edge gateway is trial and I use it for testing for customer. The Sync Service is trial.

Actually, I just found an internal ticket for this. If you have no license applied and are in trial mode, then remote pipelines will not work.

Ok got it. Thank you. Right now I am in experiment phase for customer. Do you have any recommendation so I can test the remote alarm notification capability?

I would suggest reaching out to your account representative regarding a development license.


Yes, our sales team would be happy to give you a free temporary test license that you can experiment with.