[Bug-5505] Find/Replace does not skip to next item consistently

When using the [Replace] button the next element in the “Results” list usually gets selected.
-However this only works 1 time / if the Results list is in focus. pick your choice.
-Next time I press [Replace], the next item is not alway selected.

Instead the current item seems to be re-evaluated.
-This will probably work in some cases.
-However if you search and replace using a pattern which still exist in the current item after the replace-operation -it does not.

ex: Find: “pump”, replace with: “new_pump”
-In this case the find-keyword “pump” still does exist after the replace operation.
-repeatedly using the [Replace] button will give not-wanted results.

Keep bringing the “Results” list in fokus

Suggest that the current item in the result set does not get re-evaluated.
This way the workflow will be better, and probably as originally intended.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to replicate what you described on version 8.1.13. A bug ticket will be reviewed for this issue.

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