[BUG-5565] Improve the error description when trying to access a table field that doesn't exist

E.g. Using a query binding and a script transform, if you try to access a field that doesn’t exist, you get a “maximum recursion depth exceeded” error which is bollocks. What would be better would be “key not found” or similar. I spent a little while trying to hunt this down before I realised I just made a typo.


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Can you show your full script? That does seem like an odd error to a KeyError. Just curious if there could be something else possibly at play here.

This is a simplified example:

And that alone gives you a StackOverflow error instead of a key error? Wow yea that is certainly an unhelpful error message.


Yes it is

might be a jyhton thing since its outputting a java error for python dicts

Yikes. Good find. This is actually a potential problem in a ton of places.

For fun, all you really need for reproduction:

from com.inductiveautomation.ignition.common import TypeUtilities