[BUG-558] Power chart not charting

I’m obviously doing something wrong in the new power chart component. I have it added to a page and can add tags via the tag browser, but nothing appears on the chart and no pen loads into the pen table. I can go into settings and see that the pen is added and when I do an export, the data comes out. Just can’t get it to actually chart. What am I missing??

@bwirth, are you still seeing this error? Which RC did you see this behavior on?

I was seeing it in RC2. I’m not getting it to draw in RC3 either. Guess I should mention that I am historizing a MQTT derived analog value although that is semi shown in the image above.

The display definitely doesn’t look correct. Are you seeing any errors in the browser console?

Nothing in the log. Really looks like I have something configured wrong. It looks to go through the motions, even see the legend at the bottom expand. Just doesn’t show any data. Data is there in an export from the chart and the pens are there under Chart Settings. I haven’t been able to find any docs on it yet so I haven’t spent a ton of time on it…

Docs are in progress for this component. They should be released at the same time as the official release. This is a curious display. I would guess there must be something rather unique about the data that this tag generates. If you don’t mind sharing, could you send me a direct message with a copy of the data export for this tag? I can look at it see if anything jumps out at me.

Sure can. Is there a super secret way for direct message that I’m not finding?

You guys should go through with the DMs you’re planning, but I’m kinda wondering if what you’re seeing is related to this:

To rule it out, are other historian components (i.e., Vision’s Easy Chart) able to trend data points from those same points?

Yeah, click jball’s profile image on one of his posts, and click on “Message”

I am able to use the time series chart in Perspective on the same points. (Only using the demo licenses at this point)

Apparently I’m too new. Won’t let me upload an attachment… Can do via email or something if you like.

Same here wit RC3 and using sample tags created by the quickstart example. No data plotted but in the sql tables and when export gin with csv…

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On mine, it turned out the control didn’t like the gateway name. I had dots (.) in the name and the control did not like that. I changed the name and it works as expected. Mr Ball was going to put in a ticket for the issue.


That’s it! Same dot in the gateway’s name. Removed => okay.
Many thanks for the tips :wink:

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Thanks, this helped me as well.

Just circling back… We’ve got an issue logged for this internally. Fix coming soon.


Thank you for the assistance.