[BUG-5606] Unable to delete unused Datasource History Provider

As it shown in below I setup and called my Database connection to ‘DB’ but before that I had another database connection call ‘MySQL’ and even though I delete that connection I still have it in my history provider list and I can’t delete it.

Did you find any solution?

This is a bug that we’re aware of. This happens if the database connection is disabled before deleting it. The easiest workaround is to re-create a database connection with the same name as the original connection and then delete it.

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For OPC UA/DA connection in system tag provider, there are also leftover of deleted OPC Connection.

I have tried that, but in my case it results in an additional tag history instance ;-). -Which in turn is removed when I remove the database connection, but not removing the “problem”-instance (even when having the same name)
-Will this give me any issues, leaving an orphan history provider in my application?
-Are there any other way of cleaning up?

Looks like we have another ticket already for this as well.

No, this shouldn’t cause any issues. The other option is to remove the provider directly from the internal database. For this, we do recommend reaching out to Support to take care of.

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Hi all,

We cannot delete any “Datasource History provider” (from now on DHP), even with valid SQL connections.

Adding a DHP is no longer an option? Adding a DB Table historian (DTH) twice, makes the first one convert into a DHP. If I then delete the second DTH the first DHP is disabled. I have to disable it in the edit-view and enable it again.

I’m confused. :joy: 8.1.15

@SBL_MC I didn’t see any of this behavior during my testing, so I’m not sure if you’re running into the same bug or may be running into something different. I would suggest getting in contact with support to take a deeper dive into what’s going on here.


Also, I looked into the bug ticket and it looks like it should be fixed in 8.1.17. This is from the 8.1.17 rc1 release notes.

Deleting a disabled database connection will now also delete the associated historical provider.