[BUG-5661]Named Queries - Disble Table Browser update

Hi all,
I’m doing some test with Named Queries and when I am in the “developing” stage switching from Authoring and Testing it is boring to wait every time that the Table Browser update the table list.
There is a way to disable this update?

Ouch. Besides the fact that it probably doesn’t really need to fetch the list of tables every time you swap tabs, it really shouldn’t be doing it on the EDT. I’ve filed a ticket to get this fixed.

Out of curiosity, how many tables are there in your DB, and how long does it take to bring in results?

Hi, it takes over 10 seconds and the tables are over 1000.
But I noticed today that in the list some table is repeated 20 time, other only one time, other 12 time…
Can be an error in the database connection configuration?

It sounds like you might be listing tables in all schemas, instead of tables in a particular schema?
How to filter that down is going to depend on a few factors, but you can contact support and they can help you get set up.

If it can help the analysis, I use a DB2 connection with jt400.jar driver v.10.7.
The person I spoke to, said that it can be a problem of the driver.
For the time lock on switch a simple solution is to cancel the list update action.
For the multiplication of the tables name there is no suggestion.