[Bug-580]Perspective - Navigation event

I try to open active page in a new tab.

I use the action Navigation and want to get the page.props.path as set page but it return nothing…

This issue actually stems from the Designer failing to save the interpolated property into the schema. Since the action is missing a required variable, no action is taken. I’ve opened an internal ticket to fix this issue. It looks like it’s been broken for quite some time (at least 8.0.15). What version did you encounter this in?

If you’re referring to page.props.path returning “/” in the Designer, it’s because the Designer is working with a View - there is only ever one “page” in use in the Designer, and as far as the Designer is concerned that Page’s path is “/”. The page.props.path property won’t receive a true value until used in a valid Session.

I’m on 8.0.16