[BUG-5805] XY Chart Line Not Displaying Correctly

I created an XY chart to display data with a line, and the data looked great for a while. Suddenly the line started looking really odd, and I don't know if I changed something that may have caused this.

However, if I switch the exact same chart to use columns, the chart looks fine.

Any idea what is happening?

What does the dataset for the chart look like?

It’s a JSON dataset with 2 columns. One of the columns is a number (the height of the bars), and the other column is a timestamp (sorted from left to right). The only change I made between those two screen shots was changing the chart from a line to a bar.

I am having a similar issue. Did you find a solution? It looks ok when you initially load the chart. But when you leave it open and you look at another tab or another site and you view it again, the line chart goes out of order. Refreshing the page fixes it but is not a long-term solution.


I believe this is a known bug. Just to confirm though, you're only noticing the issue if the chart data updates while the Perspective session is in the background?

That is correct. When it updates and we are not viewing it or its in the background, then the chart starts to look like the image I posted. But if the chart is being viewed the entire time, the issue doesn't happen.

Thank you for the confirmation! I went ahead and added this thread to the internal ticket.