[Bug-611]Clicking on Dropdown Slider makes Dropdown Collapse

Ignition 8.0.16


I have a dropdown that has a long enough list of items that there is a vertical slider to scroll. However, when I click on the slider to scroll down, the dropdown collapses and I am unable to make a selection.

I am able to scroll down the list using the wheel of my mouse, but it would be preferred if I could also use the slider manually.

Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?

Perspective correct? And this is in a popup as well? I believe that it is a known issue. Also as far as I know there is no workaround at the moment.

Maybe see if you can move your popup to a dock that you show/hide rather than a popup.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes it is perspective in a pop-up. We would like to keep it in a pop-up to maintain consistency in our project. Like I said we are able to use the mouse wheel to scroll, so for the time being we can use that to select the items further down the list.

This is a known issue. We have a ticket to repair the issue, and it’s at the top of our list. It did not make 8.1.0, but is likely for 8.1.1.

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Hello cmallonee,

Is the issue resolved? Please let me know which Ignition version I have to upgrade. I am using V8.1.1 (b2020120808). Thank you in advance!

This issue was resolved as part of 8.1.2.

Thank you very much for the answer.

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Was this bug actually resolved? We are on Ignition Version 8.1.20 and I'm experiencing this issue in several Perspective Popups that have this scroll bar inside of the dropdown. Is there a configuration that I can add to the component that will restrict the dropdown from collapsing?

I just tried it out in 8.1.23rc1 and it's working as expected. My scenario was a dropdown with many options inside of a Popup, where I click-drag the scrollbar of the options.

Perhaps if you provide the Views you are encountering this I could help you further. If you're unable to provide those here in a working manner (bindings against proprietary data render the Views unusable in many instances) then you'll need to contact Support.

I have a XY Coordinate View that has multiple options from a dataset.

Here is my binding on the dropdown.

There was a change in 8.1.20 that re-introduced this behavior. Upgrading to 8.1.21 should resolve this.

Thanks avaughn!