[Bug-611]Perspective Dropdown option list collapses if option list scrollbar is clicked

Perspective 8.0.16

I’m seeming to have an issue with the scroll bar on drop down lists. This is happening in both designer as well as in Chrome.

Action in designer:

Designer DDL

Action in Chrome:

Chrome DDL

Basically when there is a list that needs to scroll clicking on the scroll bar or the arrows makes the list disappear. Only way to select stuff is to scroll with the mouse wheel.

Any ideas what might be causing this?

Oddly enough, it looks like this behavior doesn’t happen in a regular View. It only happens when the Dropdown is in a Popup or in the Designer… I’ll open an internal ticket to address the issue.

Ok that is exactly how I’m using it.

Any workaround I can hack in?

Unfortunately no. It’s a result of the click event - not anything you can configure. Scrolling with a mouse wheel should work perfectly fine; it’s the actual “click” which is causing the problem.

OK thanks for the help

Are there any updates on this issue? It’s a real problem for a project I’m working on. Seems like it could be resolved pretty quickly, but if not then we’ll need to find a workaround. This is still an issue in version 8.1.


This issue was resolved as part of 8.1.2, which is currently in RC. When 8.1.2 stable is released you can expect to find this fix there, or you can also find the fix in the current nightly releases for 8.1.3.

Thank you.

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I have run into this issue as well, despite running version 8.1.2, and it is a significant limitation.

Will this be fixed in the near future?

I’m not sure when this issue was first resolved, but it’s fixed in version 8.1.11.

Hey Guys,

Looks like this same issue has returned in 8.1.20… but fixed in 8.1.21 rc1 :slight_smile:

So wait before upgrading…