[BUG-6200]CSS Generation error when no English locale

When the operating system locale is different from English, the Opacity property of CSS classes forces them with “,” example: "opacity: “0.50” then the browser does not interpret it correctly.

both 0.5 and 0,5 work for me

Can you provide a screenshot or video of exactly where you’re entering these values and what’s happening that you aren’t expecting?

This is the problem that @jgranada have.

I attached a video with the problem.

At the first part you can see, that when the styles are changed from “Style Editor”, the value have a comma instead of a period. This is normal in Spanish locale, but the Style Editor, not translate to the style.css and browser cannot render the value. The designer, also cannot render the value. The icon not change its opacity.

If I add the css property directly to the styles, I can use period or comma with no problems.

In the las part of the video, you can see as the last value entered in the Style Editor of “0,15” with comma is compiled into “style.css”. This value with comma is not working.

If I change the locale of my computer to en-US for example, all works fine.


Thanks for the gif @strinidad, I think I understand what’s happening:
When editing via the Style Editor, saved values are ‘localized’ into e.g. 0,15, which goes directly to the browser and doesn’t work. I filed a ticket to get this investigated and fixed.

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Exactly this is what happens.

Any new about this bug ???

Is importart to us, because all opacity and other styles with decimals, cannot be done from designer and we need to change our theme.css