[Bug-6340]Power Chart Flashing on Perspective Edge

I have a Power Chart view on my device running Perspective Edge that shows image 1 then quickly flashes image 2 for a split second then goes back to the first image for a second or so. I see this both in the designer and when running workstation. The only modification I made to the object is adding 1 tag (not specific to any single tag btw..) that I have logging to the edge historian. Without any tags selected to trend there is no flashing. No errors show in my logs. Any suggestions before I am forced to try a re-install?

Image 1:

Image 2:

would it be possible to post a video of this occurring? Also, what version of Ignition are you using?

Video attached. Ignition version 8.1.17

I'm having the same issue on my side. This issue seems recent even though I did not update our Edge gateways.

Roughly 5 weeks ago I was testing the Power Chart (for historization) and did not remember it blinking. When testing today, both the designer and web interface are swapping between 2 charts.

Edit: Version 8.1.17

Sorry to hear, but I have some relief that its not just me... What version number are you running ?
@Joe_Seph any luck on your side?

I raised a ticket with IA support and they found that if you have a space in your project name this issue will occur. Once the space was removed from project name, the power chart stopped flashing.
The settings can be found under, Gateway > Config > Gateway Setting > Project Name.