[BUG-6567]8.1.20 Bug with Numeric Entry Field on iPad

Giving focus to a numeric entry field doesn’t open the onscreen keyboard in Ignition 8.1.20 UNLESS the spinner is enabled.
Tried in Safari and in the Perspective app.
Using iPadOS 15.6.1

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Hello danieltalbot,

Thank you for bringing this up to our attention! I have been able to replicate the issue and submitted a bug ticket. I’ll update here once again when there is more to share. Thanks!

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In case anyone else is wondering about later versions, 8.1.22 still has the bug. Support team was notified.

Any news about this I'm, running .24 and it still does not work

It's on the list of bugs to fix. Enable the spinner so the keyboard will show on iOS devices. Android devices have no issues.

It should be possible to set display to none for the spinner using the advanced stylesheets and your browser's dev tools to find that element's class.