[BUG-6699]Ubuntu 22.04: designer not responding

I'm using Ignition designer 8.1.9 on Ubuntu 22.04 with KDE Framework
Sometimes when I switch to another app (no matter which app) and then back to Ignition, the designer receives no more keyboard input - I can focus whatever object I want, but no key works at all. If I have two Designer sessions open on two different projects (but from the same gateway), it could sometimes happen that one keeps working as usual and the other stops.

Any suggestion?

I'm still on Kubuntu 20.04 on my laptop, so no immediate advice (I've no problems). Consider using the very latest designer launcher from 8.1.20. They are backwards compatible, at least within major versions.

Just started a new project in a container created from inductiveautomation/ignition:latest docker image (8.1.21). Unfortunately I'm facing just the same problems with the designer. Something I did not mentioned in my previous post: please try working with the UDT editor, copy/paste a UDT member either with CTRL-C/V or with the menu commands, nothing gets copied - the Ubuntu Clipboard Contents shows the content of your second to last copy command.
To be honest running the Designer in MS Windows seems to be more predictable .. so a pity ...

Just tried to start an Ubuntu Wayland session: the Tag editor works as expected, not sure as far as the other issues are concerned, but I fill confident.
Maybe the problem is due to my installation process: I installed Ubuntu first and then KDE plasma on top of that - I could miss some important OS pieces, not a Linux specialist indeed ...

Hello pgmo,

I have tested the concerns you have raised in this post. So far I have been unable to get my designer into an unresponsive state. If you have any specific actions/steps to consistently reproduce this issue please let me know. As far as the issue with copy/paste on the UDT Definition Editor I was able to reproduce this and will be opening a ticket shortly. I have also been performing some additional smoke testing around the designer and have yet to encounter any other issues. Please reach back out with any other issues you may encounter. Thank you!

Thanks @jcorey for your help. As of know I uninstalled KDE from my Ubuntu system and I'm using Ubuntu on Wayland with no issues at all. Anyway I will keep you informed.
Thanks, regards