[BUG-6737]Transaction Groups trigger is not subscribed in Read Mode

I am setting up a transaction group in order to collect a batch of data on a trigger basis.
I have created a transaction group with the following settings:




I have set the group to Read items as the data must be consistent when the trigger fires.
Everything seems working fine except that sometimes Ignition miss the trigger, so I further investigated the communication between Ignition and the OPC Server (Kepware) and I realized that the trigger is not get subscribed as it is described in the manual, instead the trigger is polled like other tags.

The only PublishRequest and Response I found are related to Subscription keepalive that Ignition sets when connection go OPC server.

Am I doing something wrong or it's the standard behavior (so the manual isn't fully right).

Thank you


Sounds like a bug. You should open a ticket.

Yes seems to.
Even more, but I think it’s connected, items in the group are constantly polled even if the trigger is not active and it shouldn’t like that according to the manual.