[BUG] 7.9.14 Cannot move tag and tag folders/UDT definitions showing as "Tag Not Found"


I recently upgraded a project from 7.9.5 to 14, and have seen some strange bugs.

I’m trying to move a tag into a folder, but I can’t… I click and drag it to the new folder and nothing happens: it doesn’t move. However after I’ve done this, the folder becomes “Tag Not Found”. Refreshing the parent folder brings back the name of the folder, but the moved tag remains unmoved. I’ve tried copying and pasting, cutting and pasting, and exporting/importing into the folder, but nothing works. When I copy and paste, a copy of the tag is added into the parent folder, i.e. Filtration, not into the folder that I pasted it into

I don’t see any errors in the logs for it. When I try to import

Tag folder Issue

Nvm, it just started working…? I don’t think I did anything different