[Bug]-7098 Binding preview not showing after disconnecting/reconnecting designer

We use Ignition 8.1.24 where the disconnecting issue after network error has been resolved (see Release notes). However we encounter in the designer that the binding preview does not work anymore after the reconnect.

  1. Before disconnecting:

  2. Disconnecting

  3. After reconnection

  4. To work around this issue we must close the view and reopen the view

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We're looking into this and will report back. Thanks

I've been trying to recreate the issue and seem to be getting a different result. Could you please clarify on a couple points?
-Is the Identity provider setup and you're using the new Auth token to maintain the designer, is that right?
-If so, what do you have for the "Inactivity Timeout" & "Time-To-Live (TTL)" set?

Thanks in advance!

  • Yes, we updated to 8.1.24 and our Identity Provider changed to these settings.

  • Session Inactivity timeout is 30 minutes, I assume with TTL you mean ‘Session Expiration’, which is max lifetime|

Thanks again for that additional information! I'm going to try mirroring your settings and see what I can discover. I'll report back with my findings when I can. Thanks

Sorry for the delay, but can you show me how this is set on your side? I think this is the missing piece for our disconnect as to why I'm getting a different results.

This is our setup:

Thanks again for that information! I was able to reproduce the issue on my side. The missing piece was a Gateway network connection that I didn't realize was setup. I'm going to make a ticket off of this and we'll get this resolved. Thanks!