[BUG 7305] Perspective Table Number format not changing according to the selected Locale

I am using Ignition 8.1.23 and facing right now an issue with number formatting inside the Table. When i change the current locale to one using ',' as decimal separator, the number format remains with '.' as decimal separator.

so i created a view containing on top a NumericEntryField with the format property not set to none, and below of it a table. Now when i change the locale, the number format of my NumericEntryField is updated and as a side effect of that, the number format inside my table update as well. This keeps working event if i hide the NumericEntryField as long as its format property is define. So for me it seems like the perspective table component is not able by itself to trigger the number format process. This means for me that i will always have to have a hidden NumericEntryField on my view to be sure that the format inside the table sweet the selected locale. In that case it will look for me like a bug.
It is also possible that i am missing something. Therefore i will be thankfull if you can tell me if it is really a bug or if/what i am missing.
Thanks in advance for you help

Thanks for bringing this scenario to our attention, I have since opened an internal bug for this issue.

Thanks for describing your workaround. This is still necessary on 8.1.29.

I am glad that my workaround can help someone else than me :wink: