[BUG-7629] Carousel Swipe on Mobile

Has anyone else had issues with carousel swiping on phones and tablets in the perspective app?

It is really difficult to swipe on it without causing the whole page to slide up and down, and no swipe really happens.

It would also be nice if it was possible to tweak the "threshold to go to next view" that you need to swipe before then, currently you need to swipe ~50% of the view in order to move to the next one, which feels unnatural on larger devices like a tablet.

Even opening up the QuickStart carousel page and playing with it is a pretty good indicator of the issues I am describing



I have the same issue. I tried adjusting the sensitivity on the screen for my mobile device just to rule out it being my specific device, and nothing improved. There definitely should be some kind of sensitivity adjustment for the carousel. On Android devices where you use navigational gestures it really becomes an issue because there is only a section of the screen where you can grab it and swipe without navigating backwards because of how fare you have to swipe to move the carousel to the next view.

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@ynejati do you happen to know if this is even possible with that component if a feature request is submitted?

I see what you're saying. There are a number of improvements we can do. Thanks for bringing it up. We'll add it to the queue.


I'll add to this just to mention: checking the 'fade' checkbox seems to improve the mobile responsiveness, but flips the swipe direction you have to have. Meaning, with 'fade' unchecked you swipe right -> left to move the carousel view to the next and it's sensitivity is pretty rough, but with 'fade' checked, you swipe left -> right to move the carousel view to the next and it's really responsive. At least on Maker 8.1.26 that is the case.


Thanks for letting us know. We'll see if there's anything we can do to improve that, as well.


We added a swipeThreshold prop to the carousel component in the next release (8.1.40). The default is 200px. The minimum allowable threshold is 50px (because of drag init related handlers). The swipeThreshold value is only used when it is smaller than half the width of the carousel slide pane, allowing it to be reasonably dynamic on mobile devices. Hope this helps. Thanks for your patience.