[BUG-7673]Perspective Datetime Input

Version 8.1.24

On the date time input, if minDate is set with minutes other than zero (ie 5/8/2023 8:05 AM), then the minute increment/decrement arrows on the control will not allow setting the minutes to less than that number for any hour during the same day (ie 5/8/2023 12:02 PM)


decrement minutes (red arrow below) is disabled.


We now have an internal ticket to track the issue and get it fixed. Thank you!


What is the status on this?

This is a huge nuisance and I'm surprised it is still an issue as of 8.1.35. It is only an issue using the arrows... typing a value still works. Can we please escalate this?

Hi Lina,

Is there any update on this on the most recent Ignition versions?

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Hi, this issue should be fixed in version 8.1.39.

Thanks. I will keep an eye out for it.