[BUG-7673]Perspective-DateTime Spinner treats minutes and hours separately in regards to minDate and maxDate values

Affected Version:
Ignition Platform 8.1.27
Perspective 2.1.27

Observed behaviour:
When setting a minDate binding, if the Date part of the DateTime is the same on the binding and the selected component, the spinner will not allow selecting a minute value lower than the minute value specified by the minDate binding, regardless of if the selected hour is greater than the minDate hour. A similar result occurs if using the maxDate binding. Ability to type in the minute value does not seem to be impacted.

Expected behavior:
If the hour is greater than the minimum, users should be able to select the desired minute value.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a DateTimeInput or DateTimePicker object in Perspective and set the minDate expression binding to now(0)

Increase the hour by one, and observe that the decrement minute spinner remains disabled.

Observe that increasing the day by one then enables the decrement minute spinner.


I noticed this bug today as well. Can someone from IA please submit this issue?

Thank you for reporting the issue, we now have an internal ticket to track the issue and get it fixed.


Have there been any updates on this bug? We are currently dealing with this issue as well.